History Amrâth Hotel DuCasque

Hotel DuCasque, officially Amrâth Hotel DuCasque, is a hotel in the centre of the Dutch city of Maastricht. Located partly on Helmstraat, partly on Vrijthof, the four-star hotel is owned by the Amrâth Group. The inn Den Helm, mentioned as far back as the Middle Ages, was renovated and rebuilt several times. The present hotel largely dates from 1931-1933 and is built in a style akin to the new building with art deco elements in the interior. The building has been a national monument since 1997.

Herberg de Helm (until c. 1800)

In the Middle Ages, at the corner of Vrijthof and Helmstraat - then no more than an alleyway - was the inn "De(n) Helm" or "In den Helm." The inn was first mentioned in 1439, when it was owned by Lambrecht (Lambertus) van Otegroven. Lambrecht inherited Den Helm from his father Claes van Otegroven, so the inn was probably older.

First Hotel Du Casque (c. 1800-1860)

From the French Period (1794-1804), the lodge presented itself primarily as "Hôtel le Casque" or "Du Casque," although Dutch-language newspapers still advertised it as "Logement den Helm." In late 1816, the owner was "sieur Bonjour," who at the time ran the hotel. Jan Joseph Bonjour (1777- 1861) was born in The Hague, the son of French master cook, caterer and innkeeper Abraham David Bonjour. 

Café-restaurant Du Casque (1862 - 1931)

Café-restaurant Du Casque continued after the demolition of the hotel a few buildings west, at the later address Vrijthof 52. The coffee house or dining establishment was spacious, but you could not spend the night here.

In 1919, the property was owned by Everhardus Petrus Beerman (1869-1928). From 1922, Beerman was allowed to bear the coat of arms of Prince Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Both honors were proudly displayed through coats of arms on the facade and these are still visible today.

Hotel Du Casque (1932-now)

In 1931 Vrijthof 52, together with the neighboring building No. 53, was demolished Although there was no mention of a hotel when the new building was contracted out in 1931, such plans must have been there from the beginning, given the architecture of the complex. On August 4, 1932, the grand opening of the café-restaurant on Vrijthof took place. Less than a year later, on July 20, 1933, followed the opening of the hotel. In 1984, the hotel restaurant closed, after which the first floor on the Vrijthof side was rented out.

In 1999, the hotel was acquired by van Eijl, who, together with Grand Hotel de l'Empereur, incorporated it into the Best Western hotel chain.The same year, a new breakfast room was opened, in neo-artdeco style. In 1999, Du Casque became part of the Amrâth Group.